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front flex room ideas and inspiration

Having a minimalist home that doesn't feel cramped is everyone's dream. For this reason, we need to adjust the design and layout in order to maximize every corner of the house.

One of the spaces that we can use optimally is the front room. Moreover, this room is the most flexible place to be a multifunctional place, including at the same time as a family room.

Multifunctional Living Room Design

Well, this time we have some inspirational minimalist flex front room ideas to save space without reducing the beauty of your home. Come on, look at the following.

1. Living Room Unites with Kitchen and Dining Table

flex room design

flex room ideas : lots of space and partitions will make the house feel cramped. Instead of separating each room, try to create a large open space.

room flex design

One of them is to unite the living room with the kitchen and dining area. You can arrange the living room near the entrance of the house and place the kitchen in the deepest part.

Choose a minimalist and simple dining table and chair set, but still elegant.

2. Living Room as Family Room

flex design for home wall

The living room can also be a comfortable family room. Try adding a television, carpet, and wall shelves for a more pleasant impression

flex wallpaper design for room

Also add a simple small room table and use a sofa bed.

3. Adding a Work Area to the Corner of the Living Room

flex wallpaper design for bedroom

The ongoing pandemic period makes us have to keep doing WFH. Well, you can create a work area in the corner of the living room, if you don't have enough space to create a workspace.

flex design for bedroom

Then, you can also put other office equipment, such as document racks to support productivity while working. Easy, right?

4. Adding a Treadmill in the Living Room

flex design for room wall

You can still exercise freely, even in a minimalist home. One way is to place a treadmill in the corner of the living room.

Add a partition such as a folding screen to create a separate area. Also, you can use plants to hide the treadmill.

5. Make a Mezzanine on the Living Room Ceiling

flex room design ideas

You can take advantage of the living room ceiling by adding a semi mezzanine, which can be used as a bed, a play area, and even a storage area.

modern flex room ideas

With the mezzanine you can save space and make the house spacious.

So, from the five inspirations above, which concept do you like the most? Before creating a multi-functional living room, be sure to adjust it to your needs.